Little Did I Dream: Songs By Dave Frishberg

Connie EvingsonDave Fishberg

2008 Jazz

Sweet Happy Life

Connie Evingson

2009 Jazz

My Babe

Roy Buchanan

1980 Blues

Tailspin Headwhack

Chris Duarte Group

1997 Blues

Always Been

Mason Jennings

2013 Folk/Rock

Moonlit Deja Vu

Michael Johnson

2012 Folk/Rock

High Above And The Down Below

Cliff Eberhardt

2007 Folk/Rock

Been A Long Time

Double Trouble

2001 Rock/Pop

Company You Keep

John Gorka

2001 Folk/Rock

In The Weeds

Bo Ramsey

1997 Rock/Pop

Eyes Of The Veiled Temptress

Chuck Mangione

1988 Jazz

Journey To A Rainbow

Chuck Mangione

1983 Jazz