With All My Might

George Fox

1989 Country

Midnight Desire

Randy Brown

1980 Funk/Soul

Lonesome Wins Again

Stacy Dean Campbell

1992 Country

Kickin‘ In

Buck Owens

1991 Country

Somebody Else’s Fire

Janie Fricke

1985 Country

The First Word In Memory

Janie Fricke

1984 Folk/Rock

Wayfarin‘ Stranger

Con Hunley

2012 Country

On The Frontline

Dan Seals

1986 Folk/Rock

Rage On

Dan Seals

1988 Folk/Rock

More Love

Doug Stone

1993 Country

Faith In Me, Faith In You

Doug Stone

1995 Country

Rose Of My Heart

Nicolette Larson

1986 Folk/Rock