Gary Wilson /

Feel The Beat

  1. Why Did You Kiss Me?
  2. My Dream Is Yours
  3. My Eyes Are Closed
  4. Gary Took A Walk
  5. Gary Fell In Love With Linda Last Night
  6. Your Smile Makes Me Happy
  7. Feel The Beat
  8. Something Came To Me
  9. Let's Rock And Roll
  10. Stephanie Was Crying In The Rain
  11. I Can See Cindy Standing There
  12. Lugene Kissed Me Last Night
  13. Where Did you Go?
  14. Cheryl Kissed Gary
  15. I Live On Bermond Avenue
  16. Why Did You Kiss Me?, Pt. 2
Year: 2012
Genre: Rock/Pop /
Genre additional: Electronic /
Producer: Gary Wilson /
Performer: Gary Wilson /
Guest Performer: