Rebekka Bakken /

Is That You?

  1. As Tears Clear Your Eyes
  2. As I Lay Myself Bare
  3. Didn't I (with Nils Petter Molvaer)
  4. Going Home (Is A Lonely Travel) (with Knut Koppang)
  5. Is That You? (with Knut Koppang)
  6. Even If You Buy Me Thousand Cars
  7. Why Does All The Good Guys Get The Dragons?
  8. So Ro
  9. Just A Little Moon
  10. Innocence (with Bendik Hofseth)
  11. As Long As There Is A Voyage Away
Year: 2005
Genre: Jazz /
Genre additional:
Producer: Rebekka Bakken /
Performer: Rebekka Bakken /
Guest Performer: Nils Petter Molvaer / Knut Koppang / Bendik Hofseth / Lars Danielsson / Per Lindvall / Eivind Aarset / Peter Scherer /