Hollow Haze

Memories Of An Ancient Time

  1. Out In The Darkness (Intro)
  2. Rain Of Fire Lights (with Ivan Giannini)
  3. Created To Live (with Ivan Giannini)
  4. An Ancient Story (with Amanda Somerville)
  5. A New Era (with Claudia Layline)
  6. Night Is Calling
  7. Angeli Di Fuoco (with Ivan Giannini & Claudia Layline)
  8. Silvertown (with Claudia Layline)
  9. Eyes Of The Sphinx
  10. Lance Of Destiny (with Rick Altzi)
  11. Demon (with Rick Altzi)
  12. Gate To The Eternity
Year: 2015
Genre: Metal /
Genre additional:
Producer: Nick Savio /
Performer: Nick Savio / Dave Cestaro / Camillo Colleluori /
Guest Performer: Mats Leven / Rick Altzi / Amanda Somerville / Ivan Giannini / Claudia Layline /