Tangled In The Pines

  1. That's What I Got
  2. I'm All Right (For The Shape I'm In)
  3. Ain't Got Time
  4. She's Talking To Someone (She's Not Talking To Me)
  5. Tangled In The Pines
  6. No Train To Memphis
  7. Movin' The Country
  8. Run A Mile
  9. When I Come Home
  10. No Friend Of Mine
  11. Honky Tonkin' Lifestyle
  12. Way Too Late (To Go Home Early Now)
Year: 2004
Genre: Country /
Genre additional:
Producer: BR5-49 / Keith Thompson /
Performer: Chris Scruggs / Hawk Shaw Wilson / Don Herron / Geoff Firebaugh / Chuck Mead /
Guest Performer: