The Road To The Western Lands

  1. The Seven Souls
  2. The Western Lands (with Talvin Singh)
  3. The Western Lands (with DJ Soul Slinger)
  4. The Road To The Western Lands (with Spring Heel Jack)
  5. Joan's Haunted Hints At The Gate To The Western Lands (with The Audio Janitor)
  6. The Seven Souls (The Secret Name)
  7. The Western Lands (A Dangerous Road Mix)
Year: 1998
Genre: Jazz /
Genre additional:
Producer: James Grauerholz / Janet Rienstra /
Performer: Bill Laswell / Nicky Skopelitis / Jah Wobble / Tetsu Inoue /
Guest Performer: William S. Burroughs / Alicia Renee / DJ Spooky / Talvin Singh / DJ Soul Slinger / Ashley Wales / John Coxon / DJ Olive / Gregor Asch /