Love Zone

Ullanda McCullough

1979 Funk/Soul

Coming To You Live

Charles Earland

1980 Jazz

The Good Life

Bobbi Humphrey

1979 Jazz

Keep On Lovin‘

Lonnie Smith

1976 Jazz

Buddy Guy & G.E. Smith With The Saturday Night Live Band – Live: The Real Deal

Buddy GuyG.E. Smith

1996 Blues

Short Trip To Space

John Tropea

1977 Jazz

To Touch You Again

John Tropea

1979 Jazz

NY Cats Direct

John Tropea

1986 Jazz

A Simple Way To Say I Love You

John Tropea

1999 Jazz


Dan Hartman

1976 Rock/Pop

This Close To You

Luther Vandross

1977 Funk/Soul


Luther Vandross

1975 Funk/Soul