Farther Along


2016 Country

Use Me

David Bromberg

2011 Rock/Pop

Just Across The River

Jimmy Webb

2010 Rock/Pop

The Very Best Of Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton

2007 Country

Adieu False Heart

Linda Ronstadt

2006 Rock/Pop

Hummin‘ To Myself

Linda Ronstadt

2004 Rock/Pop


Danny O'Keefe

2004 Folk/Rock

Rarum, Vol. 15 : Selected Recordings

Carla Bley

2004 Jazz

Stumble Into Grace

Emmylou Harris

2003 Country

A Merry Little Christmas

Linda Ronstadt

2000 Rock/Pop

And Someone Left The Cake Out In The Rain …

Jimmy Webb

2000 Rock/Pop

Silver & Gold

Neil Young

2000 Rock/Pop