Highs & Lows

Bernard Allison

2022 Blues

The Dirty Truth

Joanne Shaw Taylor

2014 Blues

Diamonds In The Dirt

Joanne Shaw Taylor

2010 Blues

White Sugar

Joanne Shaw Taylor

2009 Blues

Love Lives On

Dana Fuchs

2018 Rock/Pop

Southern Blood

Gregg Allman

2017 Rock/Pop

18 Carat Garbage

Billie Ray Martin

2001 Electronic

I Wanna Have Some Fun

Rick Lawson

2003 Funk/Soul

Tunes Young People Will Enjoy

Jesse Valenzuela

2002 Rock/Pop

Life’s What You Make

Wendy Moten

1996 Funk/Soul

Scenes From A Lifetime

Wynonna Judd

2005 Country

Blue Room

Ana PopovicMilton Popovic

2015 Blues