His April Touch

Billy Childs

1991 Jazz

Portrait Of A Player

Billy Childs

1993 Jazz

Take For Example This …

Billy Childs

1988 Jazz

A Close Encounter Of The Very Best Kind

Phil Ranelin

2003 Jazz

Mr. Billy Higgins

Billy Higgins

1984 Jazz

Pleasures Of The Night

Will DowningGerald Albright

1998 Jazz

Absolute Greatest Love Songs & Ballads

Alphonse Mouzon

1998 Jazz


Manhattan Transfer

1997 Rock/Pop

The Night Is Still Young

Alphonse Mouzon

1996 Jazz

Giving Myself To You

Gerald Albright

1995 Jazz

After The Storm

Norman Brown

1994 Jazz

Slow Hot Wind

Janis SiegelFred Hersch

1994 Jazz