Bill Mumy /

In The Current

  1. Lost In Babylon
  2. Angel's Observation (Just Like The Other Ones)
  3. I'll Walk The Walk
  4. The Climb
  5. We Could Use A Little Something
  6. In The Current
  7. It's Not The Same
  8. Needed To Let You Know
  9. How I Loved My Girlfriend
  10. Stronger Than Gravity (To Delenn Fom Lennier)
  11. Can't Win This Game (Bound To Die)
  12. I Don't Know You (The Wheel Of Faith)
  13. Halfway Home
  14. To Nicolette
Year: 1999
Genre: Folk/Rock /
Genre additional:
Producer: Bill Mumy /
Performer: Bill Mumy /
Guest Performer: