The Movement Revisited: A Musical Portrait Of Four Icons

Christian McBride

2020 Jazz

You Don’t Know Me

Neal McCoy

2017 Country


Philip Glass

1983 Jazz

Truth, Liberty & Soul: Live 1982

Jaco Pastorius

1982 Jazz

Trumpet Legacy

Nicholas PaytonLew SoloffTom HarrellEddie Henderson

1997 Jazz

Break Of Day

Karin KrogSteve Kuhn

2014 Jazz

There Were Signs

Bill Gable

1989 Folk/Rock

Take Me Back To The Ol‘ School

John Tropea

2007 Jazz

Gotcha Rhythm Right Here

John Tropea

2014 Jazz

Vertical’s Currency

Kip Hanrahan

1985 Jazz

Days And Nights Of Blue Luck Inverted

Kip Hanrahan

1988 Jazz

The Sky Could Send You

Sherri Roberts

2005 Jazz