Shoulda Been Home

Robert Cray

2001 Blues


Stevie Wonder

1973 Funk/Soul

The Higher They Climb – The Harder They Fall

David Cassidy

1975 Rock/Pop

Wide Open

Michael McDonald

2017 Rock/Pop


Al Jarreau

1976 Funk/Soul

Best Of Dark Horse 1976 – 1989

George Harrison

1989 Rock/Pop

Exodus Of Venus

Elizabeth Cook

2016 Country


Cyndi Lauper

2016 Rock/Pop

Down To My Last Bad Habit

Vince Gill

2016 Country

The Larsen Feiten Band

The Larsen Feiten Band

1980 Jazz

Can You Feel It

Ray Barretto

1978 Jazz

You Need To Live A Little

Larry Garner

1994 Blues