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On Musicango you can see which interpreter in whose bands or as a soloist, or with other interpreters, when and in which projects he or them have cooperated. You may find out who, and in which band was engaged as a guest musician or as member of the band and you can also search his biography for incorporated variations of style of the artist.

First of all I wish to thank all who supported my work on this project and who gave me invaluable advice.

Considering my own case … Healing begins in everyone’s mind – Cancer is no exception in this case.

Music is a great occasion, it holds us if our loved ones must go and it has forces which make us cross the way with other people, with new people, who knows… W(W)S

The question is not who nails us to the Cross. Only we have to accept this very possibility – and – how positively we deal with a case like that is on our own!

Away from bad weather or our good or bad temper – better than all pharmaceuticals is to cry for life and the feeling “It’s the best day today!”, nothing more.

It would be great if you decide to help us further develop this page. Up to now it is a one man show but maybe it becomes a powerful Big Band (contact: info@musicango.com). We are full of ideas. It’s a good feeling to daily part the joy and enthusiasm with thousands of users worldwide. The active participation in musical world affairs and the possibility to shape them may generate fun and satisfaction.

Just now the data base is a little bit limited because around 7 thousand albums which are already filed have to be linked. News have to be included… the further programming….Facebook and Twitter…the almanac…the biographies…and, of course the own charts (not sales oriented!)…the downloads….concerts and tickes…t-shirs…and…and…

If you spare time and you estimate the endless information you get from Musicango, I would be very happy about a donation to the Bavarian Cancer Society e.V.

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Have a nice time for all of you

Wolfgang (Wilbury) Scharfe

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